Pho may

I’ve been to many pho places in ottawa and thought it was time to review them, starting with the best tasting pho. It’s at a little place off of Saint-Laurent next to wild wings, a place called Pho May.


First impression,   1/5 Wacky waving inflatable arm tube men

Thankfully for Pho May, first impressions don’t mean everything, the service is slow and the waiter(who is the owner I believe) does not communicate with you very much and sometimes there’s even going to be a hole in your cup. Do not be alarmed, this does not represent the quality of most of their dishes. Have a seat!


Food rating      9.5/10 Tastegasms

The menu item to get is the S15 which is a grilled pork, grilled beef and grilled chicken Pho, it is incomparable to anything else out there. It’s a must and for any Pho lover a nice different experience, even if it is nontraditional. Liquid BBQ is the best way to describe the dish, it is such a unique flavor combining Pho with the amazing smell of BBQ. The broth being nontraditional color wise might throw some pho lovers off, however, it’s done in the best possible way. They have many great appetizers from grilled shrimp rice wrap, the combination platter which is deep fried won tons, crispy roll shrimp and mini spring rolls. General rule as well, stick to the Vietnamese dishes here, they don’t cross well into other countries’ flavors, for example, the Pad Thai is to be avoided.


Service     7.5/10 Speed Sloths

On the negative side, the waiting service is horrendous, the waiter never looks back at the table, I find myself having to get up and go ask him for anything whenever needed. Where it counts, the food is always delivered very quickly, the wait time is incomparable to any other Pho place. The food is always on your table within 5 minutes, being a smaller place they can cater quickly to your order and have it on the table before you ever noticed you were waiting for food.  Basically, they nail it where it matters on food delivery time


To conclude    8.5/10 A must for fans!

8 is a great score and a must go-to place in Ottawa for Pho, the service and other items on the menu besides the S15 and apps bring the rating down. Among all of the Ottawa pho restaurant ranks in the average but enough uniqueness to leave you satisfied when you dive into the Grilled meats pho. Basically don’t go to this place if you expect good service or with a party of more than 4 the service is really what kills the rating here, the food is exceptional.  There is just nothing in Ottawa like it, maybe even the world I’ve never seen it anywhere else.



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  1. Francois says:

    Super mitch, c’est bien ecrit et intéressant. Personnellement, je prendrais pas le risque de prendre un tuk tuk si tu sais que c’est une arnaque. Parfois, ils peuvent t’amener dans les endroits où tu te retrouveras coincé. je crois que tu as déjà eu une belle expérience representative. Amusé toi.


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