The departing of Bangkok!

Today was the day where I joined up with my group, so I had to pack up and get ready to keep moving along. It was market day in Bangkok so the Family and I decided to check it out before I had to check out and move to my other hotel. The market was awesome, they had a lot of things to sell, from artisan goods made from scratch including utensils, shirts, elephant pants, shirts, bags and statues.


After lugging my backpack for two days around Bangkok I decided to invest in a string  day pack from the market,20160123_124454_HDR

Hoping this would bring you joy ! 🙂

After walking around for a bit we decided to stop at the food section of the market, this is where you really get pushed out of your comfort zone. The food vendors had some squid, which actually looked like squid, full fish and shrimp with their heads on, I was not ready for that, but I did try the squid eggs which were decent and looked a lot easier to handle. They had a cheese curd consistency with a crabby taste. We also tried chicken and pork on a stick, those were excellent and for dessert we had chinese timbits, not being a fan of sweets, I would easily eat a whole box of these, they were that good.


After eating, we headed back to the hostel, said our goodbyes and I was off to meet my tour group! Checked into a very nice hotel to Bangkok standards with a good view of the city.


Met up with the group and went for supper, we all got along quite well from the get-go and went out for supper. During supper I spoke up and asked Patty, our tour leader, what the ping pong show was, even if I knew what it was. Some friends told me I needed to check it out while in Bangkok. Patty had a hilarious reaction saying that she and G-adventures couldn’t recommend or talk about the ping pong shows. I had immediately established myself as the trouble maker. Six of us ended up going cramming into one cab to get there.

We arrived at this kind of warehouse looking building, we went inside and it was 600 baht to get in and you got a free drink. When we walked in, there was a girl on her back with a long cigarette in her Chimmy Chonga and was smoking the cigarette, inhaling and exhaling the cigarette, can’t even fathom the health hazards that would cause down there. Anyhow, I guess it’s impressive even if I don’t know exactly how the muscle control works for that muscle group. There was a rotation of Asian women that would each do their own tricks. Ribbon girl, who pulled out about 50 feet of ribbon and made some guy pull it out, he was overly excited in my opinion. Ping pong girl would do a standing thrust and shoot the ping pong ball from the land down under and bouncing it into a cup 8 feet away, I’d want her on my beer pong team. Dart shooting girl, she had a blow pipe stuck up and  would shoot a dart at balloons 10 feet away and pop the balloons. Drawing girl, she had a pen placed in her and would basically move her body over a piece of paper with the pen touching the piece of paper, she was in a full crouching position and drew a well made smiley face with welcome to Bangkok written on top. Finally, we had candle blower lady, she had a straw and would use her chimmy chonga to blow out candles on a birthday cake. My apologies for not taking pictures, but it wasn’t allowed.

After that “amazing” experience, we started walking towards the hotel and on the way we went through the red light district of Bangkok, where we saw all the fake rolexs, strip clubs and dildos on the street and everyone trying to bring us to a ping pong show. We eventually crossed this pedestrian street that had a celebration for Chinese new year going on. There was a Dragon paper ma shay moving around the street and fireworks going on, accompanied by some lovely drumming.

Here is the dragon!


We eventually found a cab back to the hotel, had a little night cap, shared some stories and went to bed. A great first experience with the tour group and an excellent second day. 🙂

Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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  1. Marc-André Chrétien says:

    Bravo pour ton blog mitch, ses super interessant, sa donne le gout de faire la meme chose, continue de poster! Bin voyage!


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