Road trip to the Cambodia!

We started off the day in the bus listening to some fun vacation Caribbean music. I was watching the people living while driving by, children playing soccer and the look of pure joy on their faces, I couldn’t help but notice and think about how similar we all are. Everyone around the world, lives for the same reasons, the little joys that we can experience throughout daily life, was a nice sight to see. Another fun visual was the capacity of the motorbikes in Cambodia they could fit a lot more people on one motorbike that I could imagine, there’s room for one more person on the scooter below in between the drive and handlebars. It’s basically a family vehicle.


We arrived at the border, our big bag packs stayed on the bus as we walked across. Departing Thailand, the man at the desk was very rude, couldn’t interact with him at all and didn’t ask for a passport or anything so I didn’t know what he needed. Checked out of Thailand and everyone else had their Cambodian visa, I did not have mine so I needed a visa on arrival which had a waiting line of approximately an hour, our guide patty did not want to make the group wait that time so she made a couple calls and a man showed up grabbed my passport, application form and 45 USD for the visa with an extra 500 baht(15USD). We then proceeded to the Cambodian border crossing where there was another line, where everyone else had to wait. After 5 minutes, the man showed back up and told me to follow him, I followed him and he brought me across the border without anyone checking my visa/passport. I had just been snuck into Cambodia, the visa was in my passport and so was the stamp but being brought through without having to interact with anyone. It’s crazy how well money talks, it can give you a lot of options. Once we crossed, we got back on the bus and headed towards Siem reap.


We stopped at a local Cambodian restaurant on the way and I had the red curry which is a coconut based stir fry with peppers, prawns(shrimp), rice, green beans and bean sprouts, it was amazing even if I don’t really like coconut, I was finally adjusting to the food.


In Siem Reap, our first experience was going to a Cambodian home where we enjoyed a little tour of the town. They showed and explained to us the rice culture in Cambodia, what was interesting was that all the farmed rice needed to stay in Cambodia, the infrastructure and lack of, would cost too much for rice exportation to be viable, apparently. The local tour girl showing us around also explained how every house has a little shrine to help protect their home from spirits and offerings of fruit are given to Buddha in exchange for the protection, the fruit stays on the little shrine for 3 days till it becomes bad which means Buddha accepted the offering.


After walking around for an hour, we headed back to the home for a home cooked meal which was by far the best meal I had had since being in Asia, it was potato curry, stir fried noodles, beef and bok choy, fried rice and spicy chicken. Went back for thirds and fourths.


Being nice and full we decided to head to pub street just to check it out, everyone was tired so it was quick trip, we stopped at the night market on the way back to the hotel. The night market was very cool, selling bracelets, t-shirts, 2$ massages and all the little tourist knicky knacks you’d expect. There was also fish tank feet cleanings which is what we all decided to commit to. Wow, this was like nothing you’ve ever felt before, the fish were trained by throwing chicken into the tanks and they would nibble on the chicken. 2$ for the experience, everyone freaked out, as in screaming of laughter and being uncomfortable yet comfortable at the same time. I don’t remember the last time I saw a whole group of people laugh like that without any sort of conversation. The fish would nibble on our feet eating the dead skin and trying to get into every crevice of your foot.



I hope you enjoyed that description, a great way to end the night before walking home to the hotel.

Enjoy this video of Fish eating our feet.

Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I like this article. The pictures went very well with your descriptions. Keep it up!


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