Island hopping in Sihanoukville

Started the day at 8 and hoped on our little Cambodian style boat. They brought us snorkeling first to a little cove, I got back on the boat after 15 minutes and opened a beer and relaxed in the sun on the bow of the boat.



After about 30 minutes we headed off to a nice little secluded beach with only us and the locals that were there. We played some volleyball and after an hour food was served and we had a typical meal of barracuda, rice, bread and salad. Sam(the Irishman), Richie and I went for a walk into the little beach front town, and we stopped on the dock and looked at the view of the islands. I then noticed that the locals and boat drivers were playing volleyball, and they were pretty good. I walked over to ask and play and one of the guys waved me down saying that they didn’t want me. But another one of the guys spoke in Cambodian, gave me the thumbs up and waved me on. I was lucky he vouched for me. Really got a workout and was able to block a bunch of their spikes and get my own in. It’s interesting how even though we couldn’t talk to each other, I could still feel chemistry with them through sport. The fact that we all knew the rules and that the basics of the game are the same worldwide. Sports are a great way to bring different civilizations together, no matter the background or path of the future, that part in time, we were friends and we all enjoyed playing a synchronized sport with each other. The cambodians were slowly dropping out having to go to work till we finally got some 2 on 2 going and my partner(Soh) and I dominated, using nothing but hand gestures and instinct. He shook my hand at the end and thanked me and said Great play, nothing else. We then parted ways never to see each other again and there’s nothing wrong with that.



I had looked up top things to do in Sihanoukville, and one of the top things was an absinthe distiller. I wanted to check it out knowing that the irishman would be down for it. After trying to locate it, I found out it used to be on Koh Rhan Island but it was closed down because it is illegal to make. But after reading more into the comments I found out that it was still open but in an unknown location near the Otres market which is a hippy market about 30 minutes outside of town. I asked and hunted down a couple tuk tuk drivers to try and find it. No one knew but one tuk tuk driver said for a fix price he’d bring us there and back and help us look around for it. We squeezed six of us into a tuk tuk and the driver then got out and went into one of the shops and he came back and walked us to the absinthe place. The place looked like it was an abandoned tower and wasn’t welcoming to outsiders at all, which I think is exactly what the point was.


We walked on the outside staircase and went upstairs where there was barely any lighting and a bunch of pillows spread around the bar. There was a guy in the middle of the circular bar and we asked him to buy some absinthe, he said he was closed. After talking with him for a little bit, I was able to convince him to sell us a mini bottle. We all pitched in and decided to check out the market. After checking out the market, we tried some of the food, which was amazing, some of the best we had had on this trip. There was a stage with live music and great vibes so we decided to stay and ditch the group. Glad we did, turned out being a great night of free music and entertainment.  We stayed a couple hours trying pretty much all of the food, they had great burrito, samosas and sandwiches. The music was good, there was a woman that sounded like Amy Whinehouse and a guy with a violin, it was quite impressive and a good way to end the day.


We headed out early enough because we had to get up early the next day for our Journey into Vietnam!!

Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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