Good Morning Vietnam!!! This was how I wanted to start all of my days in Vietnam, did I make it?! Stay tuned to find out. Today was the longest day to date, we had a 9 hour ride and we were crossing into Vietnam, which was brutal because we had to walk with all our stuff for about 400 meters in the blazing hot sun. Everyone got burnt up not expecting the journey to take us on this hike. As we crossing, a guy went by on his motorbike with a truck load of things. I think what we can call that some pretty big towing capacity?



It was a tiring day but we finally arrived at our home stay on the Mekong delta and there were finally hammocks!! Hung out in the hammock all night and played a couple card games before calling it a night. I tried speaking with the locals but the language barrier was too great, we weren’t getting anywhere. We did the Mekong Delta tour which was a boat ride into the floating market of Southern Vietnam. It was cool, all the boats just floating along the delta with coconuts, pineapples, apples, watermelon and dragon fruit just stacked in the biggest piles of fruit I had ever seen, the boats would hang a fruit high on a post to show what they are selling. It was basically a market for the shop owners, where only bulk buying was allowed.



There was also a Vietnamese sandwich lady boat (BAHN MI) and a coffee boat lady, they were small boats but would go from big boat to big boat selling their goodies, the Bahn Mi was amazing, if you go to Vietnam try them and they are usually 75 cents to 1.50$ Canadian dollars.



We then got back on the bus for the final stretch to Ho Chi Minh City. Before getting there we stopped for lunch and we had Pho, this was the best Pho I had ever had, boy did Vietnam ever start strong, so much flavor in the broth I couldn’t even imagine it before hand. After that we left for downtown and checked out the market where people would grab my shoulder, arm and elbow and try to get me to go to their stall. It was very aggressive and turned me off of their stalls more than anything, so I didn’t get much. After that we went out for one last supper with the group. During supper, Kana from Japan!!!!, had made us all Swan Origami and gave it to us as a parting gift:) Thank you Kana, I shall treasure it forever or as long as paper will last.


Saying goodbye to the group was such sweet sorrow so I decided to take the day off to organize, wallow in despair because our group breaking up and write while everyone else went to the Cu Chi tunnels. I had decided to save on time and read up about it on Wikipedia and write my blog for all you wonderful people 😉 When they came back, we said goodbye to each other, shed a few tears and waved off the people who were leaving for the rest of Vietnam tour. Sam and I moved over to our other hostel. Which was awesome, 2 free beers a night and a rooftop chill bar with good music and an amazing view of the city and the Avengers Tower.


After checking in, we went to help out Linda and Katelyn find their hostel which took about an hour after showing them our hostel. We finally found it after much frustration and the place was horrible, they had even changed their private room booking into a basement mixed dorm room so the girls declined, CHECK HOSTELWORLD REVIEWS!! So they came to stay at our hostel where they got a private room for 15$ USD each, ours was a 12 bed for 8$ USD, which was fine. We hung out at the rooftop bar for the night but I ended up getting sick after from something I ate. It was a rough night but I made it through!

As I was tossing and turning I was thinking about our group and how well everyone got along. We all meshed and as this was my first tour group, I was struck in awe about how lucky I had gotten to meet these people. I shall miss every single one of you. Chebet, Annie, Becca, Kana, Linda, Katelyn, Betty, Torben, Ben, Marie, Helene, Richie, Eleanor, Madison, Maryam, Sam, Laura and Patty, our awesome guide! Rock on guys hope to see you on the trail again, take care all! 🙂


The next part of the journey, I get to explore Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) which I was very excited for from even before I left. Lot’s of great stories to come 🙂

Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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  1. Man, i always wanted to go to Vietnam


    1. Well now you can 🙂 You just need to book a flight there! Maybe get a visa 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha yeah, i just been pushing it off. But i will go there soon!!! Your post inspire me to go. 🙂


  2. Tiffany says:

    This post is super sweet Mitch. You give a great vision for how much travelling with the right people can make all the difference. Stay awesome.


  3. Anonymous says:

    C’est le fun de tout lire et voir ca, contente pour toi Mitch xx take care


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