An Irish, a German and a Canadian walk into a Vietnamese Capital

With the tour being over, some of us wanted to explore Ho Chi Minh city a little bit. we went to the war remnants museum but after walking there, Betty and I started feeling the effects of being sick so we left earlier. It was too hot and we were exhausted, we saw multiple exhibits about all the torture methods that the Americans used on the Vietcong. It’s amazing what they would get away with, during the summer they would pack as many people as they could in to these little 5′-3′-2′ cages covered by barb wire and in the winter they would place them alone so they couldn’t give each other heat, and any excuse they had to hit them or spit on them they would take, hitting a fly or even looking into their eyes.



Horrible things were done, many women and children were killed just because, there was no honor and everyone was a target. That was the importance of the cu chi tunnels,
it was their only safe spot to hide from all the flame throwing and bombing that the Americans were doing. Keep in mind this museum was opened up by the communism in Vietnam so it is told from their perspective. Killing the women and children was a must apparently because they were training the women and children to kill. Anyhow, it’s tough to say what really goes on without actually being in the middle of it when it comes to war. This was probably one of the most shocking and interesting museums I had ever seen, definitely a must visit in Ho Chi Minh.


After that, everyone but Sam left and we decided to go for a walk to a street recommended on trip adviser near the sky walk financial tower. I like to call it, The Avengers tower and see if we could get to the top, we could have went up to the top but not on the platform for 30$, we decided it wasn’t worth it, so here’s a picture.



The street was Nguyen Hue, is was amazing LED lights everywhere and nice restaurants and all the high end stores like Coco Chanel and such.



We looked around for cheap street food and found what seemed to be the most local and popular place. We then walked along the waterfront and got a little lost but my sense of orientation is usually pretty good. After crossing a couple highways like innocent tourists and getting more than the typical warning horn, we’d get the “are you stupid, tourists” get off the highway horn, but that’s what travelling is about. We got back to the hotel and took it easy, I then wanted to go for a walk and on my way back I saw 3 Vietnamese playing badminton so I asked if they wanted one more, they didn’t speak English so I made hand gestures and they hand gestured me to get on and play with them, handing me a racket, i took that as an invitation. They were good and I was a little rusty but warmed up and we were able to get some pretty competitive games, great to get a nice work out in and play sports, had really been missing that.



Went back to the hostel and hung with Sam for the rest of the night since he was heading off the next day. It was a good couple days of rest, and trying all the different Pho places finding out which one was best and living like a local, kind of 😛 The next day I was meeting up with my new group after another day on my own!  I was now ready to pick up the pace again!



Follow your dreams and stay awesome!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ca doit merveilleux de tout voir ca. A tu ete malade? Comment est le manger la. Tu commence tu a t’ennuyer un peu. C’est long jusqu’en juin.
    Enjoy live your Life xxxx


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