A fishing village and Lantern village.

Time for some sun and beach time with a little bit of culture. I went with the group today on a boat tour of a fishing village where we stopped at a daycare to give children some candy and they were so excited to see us. It seemed like they were trained to do it, nothing about this experience seemed authentic but I asked the guide and he said it was.


It was cool to see all the fisherman but again there was garbage everywhere, like in Cambodia, even saw a bra in the water.


After the fishing village we went snorkeling for a bit and had lunch. It was a good lunch cooked on the boat. Ryan and I then tried to back flip off the top of the boat, nailed it’ish.


We headed back to catch our train and that was the day, I found out that Nha Trang actually has the worlds longest cable car run from our guide that day as well, it brings you to a whole other island off the coast.

The night train to Hoi an was rough, there was mosquitoes in the room so i sprayed the walls and bedding with my home made mosquito spray and I never saw them again. I slept well, there was good clearing on the top bunk so I didn’t get claustrophobic, I was sharing a room with a Vietnamese couple and Dek, our tour guide.

We arrived early near Hoi an and then boarded a bus for 3 hours to get to the town. I slept great the whole way there because the streets were smooth and I had the whole back seat of the bus to myself. Went out to lunch to try the traditional chicken and rice. It had a nice jasmine flavor to it, but very bland, after that I looked around to get some fitted shoes I ended up getting custom made converse shoes for 18$, she said they’d be ready next day for 10 am, I picked green with black stitch. In the afternoon, Benjamin, Peder, Ryan and I rented motorbikes for the day and drove around town and checked out the beach. It was a very cold day so it was just a drive around. We also hit up the country side to see a bit outside of town.


Was good fun riding with the boys. After that we went out for supper where I tried a seafood spaghetti, fresh seafood and good sauce, was nice to have pasta again. The local Hoi an beer was my favorite so far. After supper I had a massage booked for 120000 dong  (5$Cad), it was a thai massage, my first one. They litteraly stand on your back and walk on your back, not too sure I enjoyed it, it seemed like it was a little much. At the end of it, I was relaxed and loosened up. The guys, party marty and anna were on our balcony having a few beers so I joined them for a little bit before calling it.
We had a demonstration the next day on how to make noodles in the morning but before I wanted to go check in on my shoes, they were not ready, I was starting to get worried that I had gotten ripped off. They told me to come back for 6. So I left to join up the group for the noodle demonstration.


We made pho noodles and told about Cau Mai which is the local noodles flavored with ashes of a local mountain which give them a nice smoky flavor. I had to try these so I had them for supper later. It was good but not overwhelming or a must have. They also showed us how to make rice paper wraps. After the demo, I met up with Sam and we rented bicycles to go around town and local villages. Started off going to a little local island just off of Hanoi, it was purely a little fishing village, got to see the rough boats and mini docks(one 2×4 :P).

After that we went to another fishing village outside of town and we found a Buddhist temple that they were in the middle of building. It was quite cool to see something being built instead of crumbling. We saw the workers working on the roof and one of the nicest gardens I had ever seen. All made from home goods, they had an improvised system of tubing for quick watering. A great idea for whenever I’m ready for my own garden.


After this we stopped at the shoe place. It was only 4:30 but my shoes were ready I was quite excited to see them, the exact color and stitching I wanted. They had put on black laces but the shoes looked off with those and the length wasn’t good so we replaced them with dirty white laces, there were no clean ones 😛 And YES I know they look like bowling shoes.


Went for supper to try the Cai Mau from a street vendor and it was alright, had the hint of smokiness they described but nothing ground breaking. Biked around the old town and got to see all the lanterns and lantern vendors.  I eventually met up with our group that were leaving the restaurant and just walked back with them. We called the night early because we had to get up early the next day for Hue, the old capital.

Hue, Ha Long Bay and Hanoi are next, can only go uphill from here 🙂


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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  1. pritha13 says:

    which is this place? Which city and country?


    1. It’s Nha Trang in Vietnam and Hoi an where the lanterns are. It was my favorite place in vietnam.

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