Leaving from ha long bay, the bus ride again was horrible. Never had I hated a bus ride before in my whole life, this was a bad road and I was quite tired. So it didn’t help. We got into Hanoi and we went for the first egg coffee invented in Hanoi, it was like a coffee milkshake without the weight of the milk that you get in a milkshake. It was great, I was really enjoying Vietnamese coffee.  We walked around after and there was toy shops everywhere, Hanoi is separated into areas that sell different things, our hotel was on toy street.


At night, I took a walk around town and found these two wheel skater guys doing tricks, it was pretty cool, next to this statue.



Pardon my comment, they were amazing.

I wanted to shop for a nice t-shirt but 3/4 of the places that had shirts, had shirts for Vietnamese men, so very small, not made for people like me. I had to end up buying a XXL shirt for 2.80$, what a Rip-off ;). Afterwards we went with our groups for one last group dinner. We were waiting outside the restaurant in this alley and Benjamin and I were at the end of the line, then some lady starts yelling at him in Vietnamese then goes away. We look at each other wondering what that was about and all of a sudden a bunch of water came flying at Benjamin it missed him and landed behind him on the ground and splashed his and Peder’s shoes. We were very confused but thought it was a hate crime towards Norway and that Vietnamese people really wanted to declare war on Norway. Anyhow, Peder, Benjamin, Ryan and I sat at the same table and made the same jokes for one last time. Fun lads and good people to spend time with, making life fun. I will miss them.


After supper we met up with everyone at the hotel, there was a little get together in Todd’s room before we went out to places he had reserved for us. It was good fun going out with everyone finally and letting loose. One of the guys went out of the bar to get water, the bar wasn’t selling water.Then 6 guys took him into a side room and patted him down to end up taking all the money he had on him, 20000 dong (1 USD) and let him keep his iPhone 6, worst robbers ever but it was definitely an eye opening event.  At least, he got out of it with no physical damage. Another girl got her cell phone taken. After hearing these stories, I decided to cab it back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep after a nice night of dancing with the friends made :). Will miss the ladies too, Loren, Leri, Laura and Kerry.

The end of another group, the beginning of a solo journey. It was time for the groups to leave so hugged and shook hands with everyone. We were going to miss each other. Had some amazing times together laughing. Ryan was sticking around for another week and a half in Hanoi so we decided to stick together, still some good times ahead :). We booked the same hostel, where Sam , the bearded Irishman, had booked for him and I. We were going to meet up that night after he was back from Halong bay. Went to the hostel and met up with Sam, had a couple free drinks at the hostel because it was free beer from 7-8pm. As much as you can drink but a long line-up so we ended up with 3 beers each then we went for a walk to get some pho at a local place I had found through online blog posts as best Pho Hanoi. Place was great, different though, it’s a a much beefier pho broth than a flavored through spice broth. No bean sprouts and no hoisin sauce, no sriracha(only some home brew vinegar spicy sauce) and they also gave you some pickled garlic liquid that you could add and it’s served with hot chili’s very different than what I am used to but very flavorful in it’s own way.


We called it an early night because we wanted to relax after the last couple days we had had. A new beginning to the trip again, I was excited to enjoy and relax in a city again 🙂

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.



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