Meeting and losing familiar faces

Sam and I got up and wandered the streets, I needed to replace my stolen rain jacket so we ended up getting some northface stuff, I got a new rain jacket for 400k dong (26CAD) and he got a travel 75L backpack because he didn’t have one, he was travelling with two 30L packs. So he doubled his capacity for 650k dong (42CAD). Sam was leaving that day so we went back to the hostel so he could pack and so I could keep resting off my cold.

Was sad to see Sam go but I feel loss is part of long term travelling. The constant change of moving around and meeting and losing great people along the way. Forcing you to adapt and truly appreciate the time spent with those special people. You never know who you will meet but the ones you do value will find a way back into your life if it is meant to be and if you look in the right places. I do plan on visiting Sam one day in North Ireland. He was a great lad. He was off to Laos and Myanmar. The timing of our trips didn’t work out or else I would have continued on with him, we had similar interests when it came to experiences we wanted on our trip.


I spend the rest of the day resting and getting my nutrition till it was time to meet up with Zoom for some Vietnamese gaming. We met up for 7, he covered my entrance and set me up with one of his friends accounts so i could play league of legends with him on Vietnamese servers. I brought snacks as a thank you, it was 30k dong so 1.25$ for 4 hours of gaming, pretty good deal. After logging in, I realized all the writing and items would be in Vietnamese, oh boy what did I get myself into. I picked one of my prime characters Annie, a little girl that threw fireballs with her giant flaming teddy bear, Tibbers for the first game and did decent, 12 kills 12 deaths and 12 assists, we won the game which is what matters. I had trouble buying items because I hadn’t played in a while and couldn’t recognize what was what. We ended up winning 3 games in a row before zoom had to go.

The beauty of sports and video game is that they are not language oriented but skill and logic, it is a universal language that even two people with a language barrier can still play well together at, once again an instant bonding experience. Zoom had decent English and found out he was studying at university while living with his parents, he was studying game design. He’s a very nice guy, he offered to drive me home on his motorbike worried that my cold would get worse if I walked home. He was a Buddhist and believed in the greater good of helping society as a whole and being a good person. Although there are parts of this part of the world that seem off and unjust, the mentality of some of the people here is to be admired. A lot of these beliefs I want to implement in my own life and become more selfless and at peace in my mind by practicing meditation and serenity of mind over matter, keeping calm no matter the situation presented.

I had breakfast with Ryan the next day as I was leaving for Singapore, and we had a nice good last minute conversation, going to miss him too.


Anyhow, I left for the airport shuttle a little late because the 7:00 am breakfast became a 7:20 am breakfast so I ended up running half the way there only to find out the 8:00 am shuttle for 40k had filled up. I was approached by another traveler who was in the same boat as me and we ended up getting together for a cab at 100k each. I only had 40k on me, having budgeted on the shuttle cost. He ended up paying the difference for me. It was very nice of him, he was from Slovakia and was a pure solo traveler. He didn’t stay at hostels only home stays.

Ended up chatting with him and getting him a coffee while waiting for the plane  to Singapore where I was meeting one of my buddies from home. On the plane, when we got close, we could see all the ships coming into Singapore, very cool sight.


Once I got into the airport I figured out where Matt was flying in from and wait for him, he got off the plane and we greeted each other with a great big hug, was nice to see a familiar face and we set off into the city. We settled into the hostel then went off into the Arab quarter for some food before we went off to the garden by the bay. It was so good, I still can’t get over it. I think it was called Mee Goreng. (Thanks for the correction Ruby 🙂



We purchased a 3 day tourist pass to have unlimited public transportation and eventually found our way there through the buses. It was amazing, an electric forest queued and programmed to follow a musical beat. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I love lights and electricity and paired up with the music made an amazing experience.

After we headed off to the hostel after walking for a nice while and passed out in our pods after a good night.


Great to meet up with Matt and great to be back in the first world! The second leg begins!!

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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