Singapoured beer!

We left in the morning to go check out the botanical garden, because that was Matt’s thing. It was alright, we saw a lot of ginger plants and made a lot of ginger jokes, so basically this is where gingers come from. It was a good time.


Afterwards we headed into Chinatown where I wanted to try some carrot cake, which is a white beet dish prepped like a fried egg. After an hour of looking around for one, we finally found it and I was not impressed. It was good but nothing amazing.


That was on our way to LeveL 33, the world’s highest micro-brewery. It was overlooking marina bay on the 33rd level of tower one in Singapore. We were the worst dressed, wearing tank tops but it wasn’t busy so they let us in for a couple pints. This was the best view of Singapore in my opinion because you could see marina bay, the infinity pool and the docks.



The beers were 15$ each so I only had two but they were very good, and you kind of pay for the view. Afterwards we walked around town and got our bus tickets for the next day, I wanted to try some laksa curry, which apparently is a Singapore tradition. I looked up the best places to have it and found a place called 383 that had gotten a challenge cook-off with Gordon Ramsey and won. It took us a while to get there as I decided to try a different route than I had google mapped but we eventually made it after asking a couple local shops how to get there. It was good but a little too sea-foody and a little too coconuty for me.

After the food we decided that we were going to the hostel for a nap before going out but we were so tired that after our nap, we just hung out in our pods. We had a bus departure for 3 pm the next day. So our time was a little limited. We decided to check out little India before the bus ride, which was pretty cool and we shopped around for good places to have food inside the hawker center. Eventually, we agreed on splitting a pretty big meal. We ordered some butter chicken, tandoori chicken, fresh made naan and mutton biryani. This was the best butter chicken and biryani and naan I had ever eaten. We got so full and we couldn’t stop eating it. Matt even went back to get more butter chicken sauce for us to dip our naan into. I got to see how authentic Naan bread was made because it was made to order, always fresh and unbelievably good.

We made our way to the bus station for 2:30 as it was asked of us and we waited for 45 minutes. It was a decent time, I passed out a little bit and we found a very old man passed out on a massage chair where Matt went next to him. The chair started beeping at Matt because he hadn’t paid. We then wondered, how long had the old man paid for or did he just outlast the chair beeping. It made for a funny picture either way, he looked dead.



We eventually got on the bus, where I passed out till we got to the border. On the bus we met a lady named Diana, she was apparently the vice president of a biker gang from Singapore and she had a lot of stories and helpful tips to share with us. She was telling us a story about how she was motorbiking and then another biker came up behind her and knifed off her knapsack but she caught him doing it in time that she was able to kick his bike down forcing him to crash. There was another story how she thought two guys were following her so she called her boys and they showed up and beat up the two guys. Wow, what the hell. There was a bus guy who was hitting on her too and he put his arm around her and she punched him in the face for a bloody nose and she called her boys to come kick the shit out of the bus driver, she felt bad about this because there was pregnant ladies on the bus so she grabbed a nearby car and asked the car to drive the ladies into town. She invited us out that night and said that if we ran into trouble at the Thai border or in KL to call her. OKAY!! We decided never to contact her again in case she got her boys involved. The stories you hear from people while travelling. Wow!

When we got into Kuala Lumpur we went out for the night onto pub street, music was decent but it was pretty dead most people had been out the night before for ladies night, so Thursday is a pretty dead night. We called it early and rested for the next day. Couldn’t wait to get out on the town and explore what KL has to offer.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.




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