Another Botanical Garden, Yay!

Again with the botanical garden, Matt’s thing. We got up late enough and decided to head out into the town. We took a monorail which was very fun because we sang the Simpsons monorail song while on it. It costs 25-60 cents per ride and includes a pretty good view of the city. Once we got off the train we started walking in the general direction of the Garden. On the way there, there was this random street of markets, it was near the national mosque so I assumed it was for that. Just little tent stalls selling food and the same random crap of cellphone cases, bracelets, hats, shoes and shirts. We eventually got through after trying fish sticks. These were only pastries that tasted like fish. Oh man, very sad of a flavor but it was only 1 ringet, 33 cents. We kept walking and eventually made it through and to the botanical garden. It was a very nice garden, they had put a lot of work into it and I actually liked this one. It didn’t feel abandoned like most other free botanical gardens and there was a lot of people working while we went through and at least 4 couples taking wedding pictures there.


We decided to check out little India II and the Batu caves the day after, I did wonder though what happened to little India I, I have still have no idea. We decided to spend a couple more days in Kuala Lumpur to really feel out the city. So we left for KL Sentral taking the oh-so fun monorail again 🙂 From there we hoped on a train to get to the Batu caves. We got to the Batu caves at the caves we found a henna tattoo place. Matt wanted to get one and I said I’d get one with him, he got a phoenix eagle tattoo and I just told the lady to do a random design on my hand without putting anything girly on, letting the artist be artistic. She went straight into a flower……… Like really, common!!! Whatever, she made it better and I turned it into a flower joke which worked out, I had flower power.


Afterwards we climbed the 278 steps it take to get to the caves and saw them. It was cool, turned into a commercial show but the cave opens up into this kind of dry cenote which was cool, seeing the sun shine down randomly into a cave.


Batu Cave was a pretty big cave, the buddha statue in front was epicly large almost as big as the one I saw in Nha Trang but gold instead of white. We got a decent view of the city from there as well. We took the same train back and got off before KL Sentral to be closer to Little India II.

We found Little India quite quickly and again it was like china town, a bunch of tent stalls with the same crap but different food. We tried a shawarma and a plated chili chicken. The food again was sub par, getting some really bad food in Malaysia compared to everywhere else I had been. We tried a white turnip dessert pizza which was a big white turnip about 9 inches in circumference with a chocolate sauce on top and nuts to top it off. It was good but there was too much of it.


We left little India II being very unimpressed again, 75% of them were selling burka’s and silk cloths for women. I mean how many of them do you need. On our walk back there were some random spurts of rain so we increased our walking speed. We eventually got to a bus stop and decided to stop there because the rain was just too intense. We were getting wet from the angle at which the rain was coming in at under the bus stop.


I analyzed the bus route map. We need these in Ottawa and was able to determine that the only bus that went by would bring us exactly where we needed. So we hopped on after 10 minutes of playing connect 4. The bus came by we waved it down and got on and asked for the price, it was free. Total Score, we needed to get out of the rain and we were stuck there and the bus was free. Amazing Luck!! We got to our stop got out and ran to shelter, the road was uphill and was flooding downwards towards us, there was about 8 inches of rain water above the cement so we were running through water, insane. We eventually ran into the major mall of KL, inside the mall they had a huge Superman vs Batman display, like a bat mobile and life size copies of the two heroes.

That movie was taking over Malaysia, there was even a DC superhero store, filled with cool stuff but very overpriced stuff, nothing really worth buying in my opinion for those crazy prices. 70$ caps. 40$ shirts. No thanks. The rain stopped so we left for the hostel and packed it in for the night. Another great day 🙂

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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