He falls and he flies

Time to go see the Petronas Towers. On the way we stopped for food on food street. We stopped at a Thai food place and they had the best Thai food I’ve had in SE Asia so far, a good flavorful pad Thai, Matt ordered the green curry which was amazing. I think it’s my favorite go-to dish at this point. After the nice filling meal we walked to the towers. They were amazing, standing there, lit up perfectly like Christmas trees from space.


They had some Awe inspiration to them, two Indonesian guys approached me and talked to me a about how they felt about it. It was nice to share those feelings with a complete stranger. That’s the mysticality of travel. Sharing amazing experiences with people who don’t really relate with you in any way other than being at the same place at the same time. After hanging out there for an hour we headed back deciding to stop at KL Tower on the way back. It was alright, a pure tourist trap and smaller than the CN tower. Couldn’t compare to the Petronas twin towers. We then walked home and decided to call it a night. Really appreciate the down days.



I woke up late the next day and decided to write for the day, Matt was going to work out before I was awake so I had assumed he had gone to workout. I then started catching up on my blog and spoke with a couple other tourists coming through and sitting at my table. Rob came out and he had previously beat me twice at chess but they were very heated games, well on my end at least. Today was the day where I would get my revenge. We started playing and once again it went down to the wire, I made a couple mistakes, Rob was better at taking a step back and analyzing whenever I would put him in uncomfortable situations. After my 3rd loss I accepted his superiority and we talked chess for about 30 minutes. He explained to me a whole new way to look at chess. It was a very nice conversation and I had finally understood real chess, it was a great day. It will be nice to play again with this new understanding of the game.

During our first chess game, half way through, the hostel worker came up to me and told me Matt was in the hospital. I started asking questions and sent him a message asking what was up. He had dislocated his shoulder falling down some stairs and needed to get his insurance information, which he had left at the hostel, so I was able to help him out and be on standby till he came back. He came back after supper and we went for some pizza hut and Carl’s Jr, it was really good. Can never have enough pizza. Called it a night shortly after.

We left in the morning for Chinatown because we wanted to get some food at that highly rated Chinese place. We made it to Chinatown and I had finally found the jersey I wanted of Stephen curry and in my size, so I bought it for 30$ Not too bad, I’m happy with it.



We made it back to the hostel with 15 minutes to spare and the hostel owner asked us when we left and what time our flight was at and how we were getting there. We told him by bus and he said no way, he called us a cab and paid for it. I offered to pay and he refused any money. So many nice people in Malaysia, Ruby, Diana, Train seat guy, Random tray cleaner guy at the mall that gave us a big smile and thumbs up, and now hostel owner with a heart of gold. We were very lucky, Matt’s ride to the hospital was free too, taxi wouldn’t take money from him. Some very nice Malaysian people I was quite impressed. There are so many different kinds of people. It’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust, but when you do get lucky, make sure those people feel appreciated or they will lose their bigheartedness. Good thing we got a cab to the airport or else we might not have made our flight, we got there two hours ahead of time and it was just enough we had to go through two security checkpoints, no idea why. This was the worst airport I had ever been at, bad food choices, bad organization and two checkpoints, Common!!

Anyhow we got on the plane and they had to delay due to a starting thunderstorm. They immediately started blowing a lot of AC(Oxygen) to calm everyone down I would assume, the plane was literally gassed, felt like I was gonna die and pass out at any second.

We landed in Krabi and got our passports stamped for 30 days. Time to head to our Hostel! We had the night ahead of us which turned out to be quite eventful, stay tuned to find out more.

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.





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