Got Krabi’d on my foot

We ended up getting on a shuttle into Krabi for 90 baht or 3.80$ Cad. We checked into the hotel and it was awesome, they had a really cool hostel bar and the hostel looked cool too. It was one of the top Hostel’s in all of Asia in 2013, we could see why. Very chill area, lots of good features, activities and good, friendly staff.


We left for supper on the beach they had a bunch of stalls there for food so we stopped and I had to go for a pee. Being on the beach I just went down to it for a leak, but on the way there, there were stairs that were a tiny bit too slippery. I slipped and fell, first time in a long time and got back up no problem. I went back to the table and on my walk back I noticed that there was blood all over my foot. So I rushed back to the hostel for some first aid, I called my nurse friends and they were able to somewhat guide me through it and what would be a good idea to do, I sent them pictures and they troubleshooted. Some pharmacists showed up after about 10 minutes and they gave me iodine and helped direct me on what to do and gave me some sticky stitch to help close the laceration and have it heal properly. After several soap, iodine and alcohol cleaning, Matt finally helped me put the sticky stitch on and we bandaged it up to protect it from any infection. I had a rough night sleep but rest was what I needed and just stayed in bed and relaxed.

Below is some graphic content, PG-13 Blood and gore.




Woke up feeling tired but it was time to get up and I decided to go to the hospital not wanting to risk an infection, I took a free motorbike ride there and was greeted by a retired Muay Thai boxer, which he told me through conversation, and he translated and helped me out. I showed the front desk my injury and they immediately shot out a quote of 10000 Baht (500$) and asked me to sign to approve it. I said 500$ and you haven’t even looked at it yet, no no no, I just want you to look at it and make sure it’s not infected. Then we can make a decision. So they opened it up and cleaned it with alcohol and iodine and sterilized water which is what I didn’t have and that’s why I decided to hit up the hospital. After they said that I needed stitches and I knew for a fact after talking to 6 professionals and Matt, who is a first aid instructor, that I didn’t need stitches so I said no just sticky stitches. So they agreed but not after pushing an extra time for me to deny them. They put the stickies on without really squeezing the wound together but I assumed that the stitches would eventually squeeze it back together because they put so many on. They bandaged it and I asked for more bandages and sticky stitches and sterilized tape. They gave it to me and I then went to pay it was 1500 Baht (60CAD) and I got some antibiotics and Tylenol 3 for pain. I got pre-approved on insurance so hopefully it is covered. Went back to the hostel and the hostel had a crutch ready for me and offered to give it to me since they’ve used it once over 3 years. I thanked them.


We had a light lunch and took the bus to Ao Nang where our resort was. It was a 30 minute ride and we were dropped in front of the resort, it was a run down hotel basically, dirty walls on the outside and smell of cigarette on the inside. The room booked for us only had one bed, but luckily for us the guy at the front desk was super nice and immediately changed us into a room with two beds. I was starting to really wonder about this booking which I had made after being two days in Bangkok. We had a kayak tour booked the next day and a Koh Phi Phi Island tour booked the day after, so I called the tour organizer where we had made our booking and told them about our injuries and if we could get a refund or do another activity and they said no….Anyhow we took it easy for the night and went for some street food had the Tom Yum Soup finally which is a spicy tomato/clam fish based soup and it was pretty good I can’t complain. Not a go to food but I’m glad I tried it. Went to bed early enough as we wanted to rest and heal to be ready for the full moon party.



The next day was a knockoff day kayaking was cancelled and we had to heal up. So we ate, tanned, played on our laptops and watched movies.  I changed my bandages and the wound seemed to be closing up slowly but progressively. I walked around with the crutch all day just to keep weight and pressure off the laceration. Ao Nang was a resort town, barely any locals around just tourists, not at all where I wanted to be but I had trusted the Thai travel agent in Bangkok, always do your own research and South East Asia is well organized enough that you don’t have to be planned, because everyone wants to sell you something everywhere you go. So if you’re right there and just walking by they are more than willing to give you a deal because it’s added business. So pick a town and a cheap place to stay for one night and the next day go through your options. Don’t book ahead of time, you will end up paying more. I cannot stress how much people here try to rip you off, try to negotiate. Sorry I’m a little sour from the lack of honesty and having gotten hurt missing out on some opportunities.  I wasn’t going to Koh Phi Phi though 🙂

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.




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