Koh Phi Phi and on to Koh Phangan!


We get up in the morning for our Koh Phi Phi tour, we got to the beach we had to go through pretty thick water to get to the boat, crap, I couldn’t get my foot wet while I healed so luckily throughout the day of getting on and off the boat there were some nice guys that helped me get on and off the boat while keeping my foot out of water. Very lucky to have had them. The boat brought us first too bamboo island which was a nice beach where the sand was the finest I had ever seen and there was a bunch of coral all over the place. The weather was very hot so I went to a semi shaded area, after that we went to a snorkeling area where we could only watch, there was a lot of fish would have been cool.




Stayed there for about 35 minutes before we headed off to the main Phi Phi island for lunch, and all you can eat buffet. Filled us as much as possible. After that we went off to the small phi phi island but not the main one, where “the beach” was filmed. The approach was epic, similar to approaching ha long bay, but a little more epic because of the uniqueness of the specific island compared to the rest of the islands. We stopped at a mini bay which was similar to the main one where people could swim and jump off and take pics. It wasn’t too crowded here so we got some nice shots, was really having withdrawal symptoms here with the leg being injured. But must enjoy the most of it.



We left for the main lagoon and the approach was a little anti-climactic, it looks different looking and then looking out, oh and there was a giant Yacht in the middle of the entrance ruining any picture there. But again, must make the best of it. We went for a walk around the island walking around, there was a mystical vibe to it but too many tourists just lining up for the shots. Still amazing and glad I went but it had gone through it’s prime already.



We left after sun bathing for a little bit on the beach and everyone napped on the way back to the shore, about a 45 minute ride.  Came back to the hotel napped and had a nice quiet night.

Got up and wrote some more, lazed around and enjoyed doing nothing 🙂 Eventually went to the beach just for a little to get some quiet beach time. Rested up my leg but we did go out for St Patty’s day celebrations, well a couple green beers. There was a guy playing live music at an Irish pub. It was good vibes and at some point he asked the audience for two volunteers for a race. So I raised my hand and he picked me right away, everyone laughed because I was walking with a crutch. Turns out it was a race through a maze on paper, and I was against a lady who said she’d show no mercy to the handicap. He started us off and in 5 seconds I finished, the crowd went quiet and the host was kind of in shock at how quickly I had finished it. Then he awkwardly said okay, let me verify and it was good so I got a free drink out of it! Yay. Made for a funny little story before bed time.


We left at 11:00 am the next day and we got on the tuk tuk that brings us to a major bus station, where we get on a first class bus that brings us to a ferry where we take the ferry to go to Koh Phangan. Was able to see the sun set and Koh Samui which is where you can fly in and out of. We stopped here to drop off some people then kept going to Koh Phangan. Once at the island it was a mess getting our bags because they were all just pilled up and none of the staff made any effort to organize. They just end up sliding all the bags off the boat and it’s everyman for themselves. Eventually got our bags and I took off to meet with Matt at the end of the dock and he had a tuk tuk ready for us.


100 baht for anywhere on the island. Just a general rule. So we took it and we got there after about 45 minutes of dropping other people off and driving all over the area.


Our Tuk tuk dropped us off at Our House hostel, and we checked in, luckily we both had bottom bunks again so our handicaps didn’t slow us down. The hostel vibe was quiet so far, pool table and bar, and all the people in the hostel slept 1 foot from each other because of the bed layout. It was cool. Luckily bottom bunks had little railings between them. But the top bunks didn’t so people could have rolled wherever. Either way, we started by going to 7-11 to get a couple drinks, socialized and went to a pool party. Sucked we couldn’t jump in but we still had fun and made the best of it. We didn’t stay out too late it was only the beginning of our 5 day Koh Phangan. There was a waterfall party but we had chose to opt out. In order to heal up as much and as quickly as possible 🙂 Full Moon Party in 2 days!

Also forgot to add, some people refuse to miss a boat.

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.



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  1. Haha i need to go here


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