Not empty moon party

We spent the day exploring the town, getting our money set-up and finding out Merchandise for the full moon party even if we had the jungle party that night. I got a tank top and a head band, while Matt got a tank top and some paint for us to explore the possibilities :). During the day we met two other Canadians, Katy and Dave and two Italian travelers, Martino and Gracias, they were really fun. We bought our 600 baht(22$) tickets for the jungle party and headed off. I had a bucket too many and didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I wanted to but it was amazing, I really liked the hippy and jungle setting with glow paint everywhere and artists making designs, I got some fireballs on my arm which i enjoyed and danced for a couple hours till I lost track of myself and headed home early enough.




Napped a couple times during the day just to make sure i had the energy, and made sure to eat all my nice seven eleven goodies of sandwiches, noodles and street fried chicken. BTW the street fried chicken is the best fried chicken I had ever had, on a random Thai island, who would have guessed.

We walked around during the day for a bit just feeling out the set up for the party, it wasn’t too bad. Ended up having to buy a bracelet for the full moon party and for the clean up of it. 100 baht(4$) no big deal at all and you get a cool rubber attachable bracelet so it was so worth it. We went back to the hostel for some painting and mingling. I drew a “flower” on Dalley’s arm, he did an alien on mine. I did a thunderbolt and random tribal designs on myself after. We then headed out for the party on the beach, we went to a random area all the way at the other end of the beach. On the way there we could see the flaming limbo and in the distance the flaming jump rope.




All the different bars were playing different music and the beach was lined with bucket and food vendors. There were some fire dancers with slings basically strings with flaming balls at the end and people swinging those around. There was a lot of light shows and Lasers going on. It was quite cool there was a lot of people. We eventually settled on a spot after finding a good DJ and I started gathering buckets because I wanted to build a castle with all the buckets I could find. I ended up doing well enough 45 buckets, it was hard to find empty buckets but I kept at it. What was hard was keeping all the blindly drunk people from running into it my castle. I had to stiff arm people from walking right into it and keeping as wide of a stance as possible.




At this point, Matt had left to gather the hostel people, we were an all hostel group at this point but only 8 of us had been ready at that point. So us 8 stayed together and kept a perimeter around the bucket castle, one guy motioned to punch me after I stiff armed him and I immediately pointed at the castle and it turned into a fist bump, wow thank god, really don’t want to fight. It got destroyed once during the 2.5 hours I was watching it. So I had rebuilt it into a stronger form of 3D instead of 2D. There was a German girl who helped me build it by going around and gathering buckets for me, she was my partner in crime for the building. Matt finally came back and I had to go to the bathroom so I left him in charge. When I came back all the buckets were gone. I yelled at Matt saying I had kept it for 2.5 hours and I leave for 30 minutes and it’s gone, common Matt. He explained that it wasn’t his fault and gave me a bucket of booze from the bar because they returned my buckets and the bar gave us a full bucket in return. I was sad yet I understood that I didn’t want to protect it for the next 8 hours. It was only midnight at this point. We then decided to go watch the flaming jump rope. For about 15 minutes we watched and everyone got hit by the rope, what a bad idea, all the Thai guys were laughing.



After another several hours of exploring, getting food, meeting people, we met back up with the Italians at the psy-trance stage which was such a fast pace, really keeps you awake. Eventually, I ran into some girls I had met at the Cambodia on a shoestring tour. It was great to see them, good, fun girls and we finished off the night together. As the sun started coming up, we could see some yellow till it eventually turned orange and then red and then into pink and into purple. It was the most beautiful sun rise I had ever seen. The combination of completing the full moon party, finding random friends and the sun coming up was just unbelievable, it was a truly epic feeling of satisfaction, like I can’t even explain how magical the moment felt after dancing all night to great music with good DJ’s followed by an amazing sun rise that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match. I was truly blessed to be there at that moment in time and will never forget it.



Rough but survived!!


Ain’t a full moon party without the full moon 🙂



Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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