Back into Bangkok!

The next couple days were spent recovering, I had trouble sleeping, I think it’s the Thai Red Bull. That stuff is known to mess you up, it’s a different company than the red bull we have back home so they might have some secret Thai Recipe for energy drink and it just totally messed up my sleep pattern. Sleeping was very hard for 2-3 days. Over the next couple days, we met up with Christian a cool German guy and we went to a German restaurant that had “poutine”. I had it and ya it wasn’t poutine, it was McDonald fries with grated cheese over it, even if the picture he had showed cheese curds. Soon I will have some poutine, I miss it so. He actually just copied this picture and put it up….


We eventually went to a reggae bar where they played cool hang out music and ground pillow chairs.



One of the bartenders came up to hang out with us just for company. He was from Burma and was a drug dealer there, was an easy way to make money till he got caught and he had to leave the country or do 5 years in jail. He was saying how bad the police are here for trapping tourists that smoke weed, setting them up basically with a drug dealer and then busting them and charging them 10000 Thai baht to avoid going to jail. Drugs are not tolerated in Thailand at all, even just having some in your blood is considered possession. It’s not worth messing around with. We left and we  went out to eat after, I finally tried the garlic pepper chicken which was amazing, I will be making this when I’m back home. We called it early for our island tour the next day, we were finally recovering.

On this day we left early after a great seven eleven breakfast, they have these panini egg ham and cheese sandwiches with a pretty solid sauce in it. Started most our days with those, they will be missed like Fibo and Walk to Wok from Amsterdam. We got picked up in a shuttle and brought to the dock where we got on the boat. We got on the boat and we were able to go see a snorkel island, Koh tao and a luxury resort island, it was the only thing on the island it was really cool.



Once again not able to swim I had to stay dry so it was an easy day of being on a boat in the sun in paradise on our way to the mainland. It brought us to Chumphon where we got on a bus to take us into Bangkok it was a 12 hour day. But we did get lucky on the bus being assigned seats on the second floor and right in front so we had big windows, leg room and a great 180′ view of the path ahead.

When we got to Bangkok, we checked into the hostel and went to see Superman vs Batman. Great movie was nice to relax to a movie finally, it really is the small things and comforts of back home that you end up missing while you travel. We headed out to Khao San Road, the party street it was awesome. Good music playing in different restaurants it reminded me of Siem reap pub street but with more and bigger places. Food in the street, parties in the bar and clubs around. We stayed out late enough and got to see all the bugs and scorpions they were selling. We met up with my Vietnam girls we ended up spending the night with them and we ended up dancing in the rain for a bit before we headed back to the hostel. A good night 🙂

I had to arrange my Visa for Myanmar the next day, so I left early enough in the morning but not too early, I was in no rush and willing the wait the queue, it was a 45 minute walk and on the way there I got my standard breakfast of orange juice and boiled eggs from seven eleven. I got to the embassy and was handed a number, sat down and was immediately greeted by Sam the crazy  Irishman. It was great to see him and had totally randomly met up, guess it was meant to be, he started looking like Jesus, so from now I on I will refer to him as Crazy Irish Jesus. He wanted his visa two days before but it was the weekend and the embassy is closed on weekend. So Monday morning rush it was, he was flying out that night so he needed to pay an extra 800 baht for rush, to get it the same day, mine was 800 for 3 day delivery. So was gonna pick it up later. Was nice to catch up with him, we explored around the area, there wasn’t much around but we  found a cemetery which was cool and stopped for lunch at a local place that was really busy, the longest we had waited for food since being in SE Asia, they were the local restaurant for the nearby school kids.

Crazy Irish Jesus and I parted ways again after to meet up later in Myanmar. He was getting his visa and flying out in the same 4 hours. He got lucky that it worked out :P. After,  I headed back to the hostel to meet up with Matt and we wanted to go check out a Thai boxing match. So we got a cab and tried to tell him where we wanted to go. He said ya ya no problem, and immediately went the wrong way. So we tried to save it but the language barrier was too great and for some reason, not a lot of Taxi drivers understand maps here. It’s very annoying but we decided to take the night off because we weren’t going to make it in time. Maybe the day after!

Stay awesome and follow your dreams!



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