Ayutthaya,Thai boxing and the Ghost Tower


Today we were off to Ayutthaya, the Ancient Capital of Bangkok. We left early at around 6:40 am and the day was spent visiting old temples of Rama 4 and another king that loved cock fighting, we also saw a giant leaning Buddha that was outside. It was an okay Tour. We saw elephants at some point and it was one of the saddest things ever. They did tricks and none of them seemed to have much going for them. It hurt to see that.


We had an included buffet and that was alright. Got back home and got ready to head out right away to go see a Thai boxing match. Took a cab again but this guy could read maps so he brought us there. We were greeted right away and told how tickets worked. 1000 Baht for third row standing seats 1500 baht for second row standing seats and 2000 baht for front row seats. I only had 1300 baht on me so we went with the cheap seats and then got some beers. We got inside and it was empty on the third ring and it was stands so you could totally sit, once again Thai Marketing and lies to try and get more money out of you. I was glad we made the call we did and the view was still good. There was 10 matches, the 7th being the main event and it totally was. It really got exciting and they went back and forth not knowing who would deliver the blow. My guy eventually won and beat dalley’s guy, just for bragging rights 🙂 we went off names.



Afterwards we came back and dalley finally got his Tuk Tuk ride 🙂 It was a good ride, always a good time on Tuk Tuks.

Today was supposed to be a productive day, I got up and saw Dalley off, I then wrote a little and left for a bank exchange to get some US money for Myanmar, turned out to be quite a hassle. I ended up trying 7 different banks, till I eventually found a big Bangkok Bank. After getting my US funds I was able to get to the embassy and get my passport and visa back, it was quite quick and I left to check out the ghost tower. Took a good 25 minutes to get there but when I saw it, it was obvious it was it, I had seen it the night before as well.




I walked around it and found some Thai couple looking at getting in too, then two Swedish girls came by looking at the same thing. Eventually there was 10 of us looking around and trying to get information. Looked all around the tower asked locals about it and everyone said bad idea, get in trouble. Apparently, through forums and instagram, there used to be a security guard that would come by at 6 and let people in for 500 baht as some extra income, but he got caught by his boss and had to stop. This happened apparently two weeks ago so we just missed it. The security guard has a ladder up for people but had to bring it down. The stairs of the first three levels had been destroyed so the ladder was necessary. We all chose it wasn’t worth the risk and parted ways. I then came back to the hostel and rested for the evening. The hostel had NBA TV, so it was an easy out for me 🙂 The next day I was back towards Cambodia!

This post is a little short but figured the last one was a little long 😉 Here are some pictures from the Ghost tower and why I wanted to check it out.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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  1. J Gan says:

    Hey bro! Nice blog. I’m the Filipino guy who arrived yesterday at the six degrees hostel in Jakarta. Please check the other inbox on your messenger. I sent you message. You in Bali? Will be there tomorrow.


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