Beautiful Koh Chang

Got up and had some breakfast before the bus picked us up. They brought us near pub street where we got on a bigger bus. The bus took us to the international bus terminal again where we took another bus to the border. At the border they drop you off with your bags and once you’re through, a guide is waiting for you on the other side just 200 meters outside the Thai border office. We waited a couple hours because two people took forever to cross but we eventually got them and made it in time for the 6pm ferry at Trat into Koh Chang, it was the most ghetto ferry I had ever seen, the boat was very rusty, rustic and beaten but it looked solidish.



Boats last a really long time and it did get us across the water as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful end of day.


We then got on the island where tuk tuks wait for you, of course and bring you where you need to go. Our area was quite secluded so instead of the standard 100-150 baht, he charged 500 baht, but it was directly off the beaten path to where the resort was. It was about an hour away and way into the bush, it was a very nice place, resolution resort. One of the nicest/private off the path places i had ever stayed at. The room was gorgeous and the view from it was great, lots of windows. We took it easy that night as we were tired from the travel day.

The included breakfast at the resort was a amazing and a nice change. Buffet style with eggs, bacon, soup, fruits, toast and juice and water. It was perfect, filled up on it and got ready for the 11am shuttle into town, Bin Bao. The town was basically a little warf town of floating houses and boats, it was very cool and unique. Same same but different typical merchandise but a lot of dive shops. There were a lot of fresh seafood places.



After a bit of that we got on a tuk tuk to lonely beach which is one of the recommended beaches, it’s a backpackers beach town, way off the actual beach and there was tattoo shops everywhere, every 3rd building was a tattoo shop. How does that even happen?? The beach was nice but not too much going on. It was quite lonely. The tourist beach was white sand beach so we headed there next. It was a 100 baht ride there, and let me tell you, the roads here were the most chaotic roads i’ve ever seen, SOOO many ups and downs and 140′ turns. Really seemed dangerous, I didn’t even want to risk renting my own motorbike, way too intense driving. Anyhow, got to the beach and looked around, it was a touristy spot with lots of nice restaurants. Spent the evening there watching the sun set and eating our hearts away. We headed home exhausted from the sun.

We booked a tour for the day after,  650 baht with lunch buffet included, the company picked us up in the morning and brought us to Bin Bao. We got on a boat with about 100 people on it. It was a double Decker. We sat on the top near the captains quarters and we met our tour guides, Spiderman, Batman and Superman, cool guys, they were Thai and spoke french. We spent the day snorkeling and exploring the other local islands, it was cool and a nice day on a boat and in the water.




I got pretty sun burnt and drained, but I napped as we had to push after the tour since we had to get to Bangkok that night. The tour ended at 5pm and we had to jet to make the 6pm ferry, we received a lot of local help and spiderman set it up for us. Went to our resort, picked up our bags, took a tuk tuk back to bin bao and then to the ferry about 1 hour away in 1 hour. Our driver rocked it, a little scary but still safe. We made the ferry at 6:10pm and ran to make it. Had not eaten since lunch time but we kept pushing. We got to trat, and there was barely any information but we did find a taxi that could bring us to the bus station 45 minutes away, I hadn’t read that it was this far away, but we had to trust them. It was 45 minutes away but they did bring us to the right place for 150 baht each. Can’t really complain. We ended up making the 7:30 bus departure. And got on a bus into bangkok, the bus was 180 baht for the 5 hour journey. I was unable to sleep for the ride worried I’d miss something and the ride was a little uncomfortable, I had an aisle seat. Ate a couple times and played games.

We eventually got in bangkok and got a tuk tuk to our hostel for 200 baht total. A nice old man brought us and I tipped him 100 baht. The hostel was nice, called udee hostel but down this creepy alley that seemed like we were going to get killed. But it was booked and I was so tired, we slept for 2.5 hours before having to head back out the next day.



Stay Awesome and follow your dreams!


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