Songkran! World’s biggest water fight.

Woke up early, got my game face on and decided to head to the alms giving ceremony and opening of Songkran at the Gate of the old town. It was all in Thai and not too much happened, the monks walked by and people gave alms or donations to them. Then there was a bike parade and little drum parade. Every time someone new was introduced there was some pretty epic music.



We were all just waiting to shoot water at each other. Nothing happened for a while so we walked several places to see what was going on. We went to the main temple where they were washing Buddha which was kind of the point of Songkran. But on our walk back we were finally spotting people looking for a fight. Tried to go assassination on them with my double pistols and it usually worked well the initial left shot made close their eyes then when they opened their eyes again i shot with the right. It was quite effective. Great time. We walked to the exterior wall and that’s where all the magic was happening. Trucks with guns and buckets and bigger buckets were dumping on people and the people on the sides all had guns or buckets and jumping in the mote.





We walked through it and got wrecked. So many freezing cold water buckets. There were ice blocks being distributed to people so they could ice their big barrels, and then barrel water would become freezing cold and give you the biggest shock whenever you were shot or dumped on by it. I refilled my guns a couple times with the freezing cold water and it gave you this feeling of strength whenever you shot people with it and they had a huge reaction.



It was great but I had never been as wet in my entire life. The sun took about 20 minutes to dry you off if you could avoid getting wet for that long. It was quite the ride. Everyone had great energy, house music playing at random places. We were leaving on the train that night so on the Tuk Tuk ride home, we had to have an umbrella to shield ourselves from getting sprayed. The train station didn’t have our tickets, so I had to re-purchase the tickets and get a refund when I got back in Bangkok. I had to select the deliver to Chiang Mai option which I must have missed when online purchasing. A little sketchy but I trusted the company. So we got on the Train and off to Bangkok.


Got into Bangkok 6 am and was able to get my refund! Headed off to the hotel before going to the mall, it was an amazing hotel with a great view. Shopped around and had pizza hut but didn’t commit to anything. Went back to the hotel to relax and have a really nice all you can eat meal. Didn’t want to eat too much because of the dancing that would be happening. Walked to the show about 15 minutes away and once we started walking in, there was a huge puddle about 20cm that we had to walk through and the set up was so sick. It looked like a water factory and it pumped so much water and they threw in the odd flamethrower. It was a great night danced away.




Woke up and decided to go for our all you can eat breakfast, best part were the croissants, I had like 10 of them so good and fresh. Afterwards had to pack up and get ready to leave for my plane in Myanmar at 4:30. Got to the airport and to my gate in time. It was funny there was a bunch of water guns confiscated at the airport. Mostly big one but I got away with sneaking mine on in my checked luggage, some people were bringing boxes filled with water guns that were confiscated right away.




My flight got delayed about two hours, they made us switch plans after we were settled in. We finally left and the flight went fine, I was able to control the loose plumbing, which I think I had gotten from all the Songkran water. No other side effects luckily. Got into Yangon and split a taxi with an english girl to my guesthouse, Myanmar has more guesthouses than hostels, which are basically peoples houses usually run by the whole family and they have a lot of rooms or room in which they house people and treat them to a home cooked breakfast, more expensive than hostels but a nicer warmer welcome. Arrived at the Myaye Guesthouse and the AC wasn’t working so I immediately decided to just get a private room so I could heal off the bug I had. 20$ per night, a little much but that`s what the prices in Myanmar were, no big deal I just needed to heal. Spent the night just relaxing until the next day where I`d meet Irish Jesus (Sam) for breakfast.



Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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