Woke up early and met up with Sam, was good to see him. We just kind of hung out and went and got food, relaxed for the day as we were both healing from sicknesses. Went for lunch and it was a nice street curry, with very good fried veggies, I was quite happy with the meal but not very much chicken no big deal it was cheap. 2000 Kyat or 2$. After this we went for supper with Sam and a German, American, Malaysian and french girl. We had some BBQ skewers and beers. The Myanmar beer was pretty good, black shield was their version of a stout but I didn’t like it. Not my style of beer. They had some beef jerky skewer which was good the rest was kind of average at best. It wasn’t too expensive, we spent a good night talking but called it early enough Sam was leaving the next day and this was the official goodbye.

Woke up in the morning to see Irish Jesus (Sam) off for the last time. He’s always the one leaving me. Anyhow was good to meet him and will meet up with him in the future. Took the day easy again but was meeting up with Prisca and Stephan(german) again for supper we tried a local place which was nice. Nothing too fancy, she was from France so it was nice to speak french with someone, the little things you miss from being back home. I helped her bring her bag to her new hostel because her’s was booked full. I had decided to move to that hostel half the price and working AC. She walked me to the train station and bus station and I bought my overnight bus into Mandalay it was 20000 Kyat(20$) on the in a couple days, the night I wanted was fully booked. So I had to stay an extra day in Yangon, dang. Losing time in Myanmar when i’m so tight. Oh well, will have to make the best of it.

Stephan wanted to shop the next day so we checked out the market. It was closed so we went for a quick bite to eat from the nice selection of street food. Always good then we made our way to the circular train. It was 300 kyat for the 3 hour train around all of Yangon. On the train in front of us, we met Megan and Ben, two Florida Americans, who we had a good conversation with. They were travelling around the world. The train ride was great, got to see all the sides of Yangon, poor side, rich side, rough neighborhoods and farm land. The farm were cool because they were basically flooded, people working in them were half covered in the water. People would come to the train and sell their goods as well, we bought spicy sweet mangoes, which were alright and water from random people.



It was great. The 3 hour ride went by so quickly talking with Ben, Stephen and Megan. Afterwards we went to the Shwedagon Pagoda and spent the evening there after having an awesome supper. There was a tomato rice thing that Ben had which was amazing the rest of us had shay noodles which is a Myanmar dish, the soup was bland, salad was good and stir fry average. Would have the tomato rice in a heart beat. The Pagoda was amazing, such a sight with the sun coming down, from different angles we could see the 37 karat diamond on top and the emeralds, rubies and topazes.






We were one of the only white people there and locals would ask us for pictures, kind of felt like a celeb. Not sure if it’s because i’m white or if it’s because I had a beard. There was a lot of people around and for me to get in, I had to buy a dress(Longee) because they said I couldn’t rent. So 5$ for a traditional Myanmar dress. We hired a tour guide and we was kind of cool but I like to just fully immerse myself spiritually and in the moment so it made for a different experience. Afterwards we went back to the kebab place and had a couple beers before calling it for the night.





The day was starting off to be a market day, Stephen and the Americans wanted to buy some jewelry and lacquer. I followed to check out how it was and prices. For Jade you need to get a certificate or risk getting caught at the border apparently, good info. We eventually got some street food for lunch which was good before seeing Stephen off, he gave me his whiskey and Sim card, a really nice guy. Hung out with the two Americans, where we went to a mall and I looked at getting my cell fixed because it was constantly touch screening the middle of the screen, impossible to operate. They said I need a new screen but I didn’t have time to mess around Yangon for that, I was leaving that night. We ended up watching Batman vs Superman, which was my second time watching it but it was good, enjoyed it the second time but didn’t catch anything extra really. I brought all my luggage into the movie theater with me so it made for a funny experience.

          After we went to an Italian restaurant, it was the fanciest place I had ever eaten at and it was the same price as east side Mario. It was on the back lawn illuminated with candles and I had a glass of wine with some gnocchi, which was amazing before I had to leave for the bus station for my night bus to Mandalay. The taxi driver was able to figure out where my company was and load me on the bus, i needed to wait an hour but it’s better than being late. Got on the bus which was roomy and perfect, worth every penny. They had individual TV screens loaded with USB’s for your own movies or whatever they had loaded. I watched the movie young Buddha which was a good ride and I got to learn the story of Buddha and Buddhism before I fell asleep for the rest of the journey.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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