Finally, Indonesia!

Made sure to get some street curry and street samosa for the road which was great and cheap then left for my plane to Jakarta. Was able to sneak into my own private rows on both flights and sleep. Good travel day, when I got into jakarta 1.5 hours later than expected, I took a public bus for 40000 rupiah(4$) and that was a nice ride with wifi then jumped on a cab for 30k to the hostel. I got there at midnight and went straight to bed.


I wanted to do laundry so I got up around 8 am and left right after breakfast. I walked to see if the theater was open because I wanted to buy my ticket for civil war captain america. It was out in Indonesia before america 🙂 was pretty happy I could see it before my friends. But the theater was closed when I got there. So I went straight to the laundry and got a little lost on the way there. The roads aren’t very well labelled so I ended up over-walking by double the amount looking for the coin laundry. On the way I wanted to buy a head lamp for the night treks i’m going to do and found one Kodiak one for 100 k rupiah (10$) I tried for 70k but she said no so I walked away, it was all dusty and had been there a while. I got to the laundry finally and paid 45k for all my laundry, not bad but I do miss paying 2-3$ for it. I went back to the movie theater for around 11:15 when it opened at 11 and it was packed I waited 30 minutes in line so I missed the first show but bought a ticket for the next showing at 12:45.


Had a 7-11 meal, a salad and Pepsi blue. The salad was good, man do I miss eating salads, I’m so sick of noodles. The meal was very bleh, a sesame chicken mashe and rice.


I went back to the hostel after the movie and hung around the hostel playing mario kart and hanging out at the rooftop bar.

Today I had to check out of six degrees the amazing hostel. The morning was spent packing. I also booked my flight from Bali to Flores for my Komodo tour, which I still had to figure out. Eventually, I went downstairs to check out and noticed that there was a headlamp in the lost and found, I asked for it but there was no casing. I talked with the owner and he said the other owner Dave can make the call, but I needed to find the casing to close in the batteries first so I went to look upstairs and there were 3 UK guys chilling up there. I told them what I was looking for and one of them said oh you can just have mine. So he gave me his with batteries and said to not worry about it. That was Dave, just gave me a headlamp 🙂 nice guy good review ahead. I kept talking with the other hostel owner and turns out he owns another hostel in Albany, Australia and he offered me to go work there. So I got his contact information and will shoot him an email when I plan on heading to Oz. There were a couple girls chilling in the projector room and I noticed what they were playing seemed familiar, it was game of thrones but the new episode. So I tuned in and watched that before leaving for the hotel. I spoke with the girls for a little bit and found out they had done a boat tour from Lombok to Flores to see the dragons and I got the company they did it with highly recommended so I got their email and shot them one asking if they did the reverse trip. Turns out one of the girls studied wildlife preservation and went on the same expedition as another girl from my Cambodia Tour, Small freaking world. Was quite cool. And this is why you stay in hostels, the people you meet and information you end up randomly finding.  On my walk to the hotel, saw a school football match going on and watched for a little bit. The kids were good.



After I left the hostel for the hotel and check it and napped for a little while until Patrick my roomie came in. Met up with the group and was ready to rock the next two weeks with them 😀 !

Left for the homestay the next morning, on the way there we stopped for a tour of a local village where we saw banana, tapioca plants, peanut plants and rice patties as well as a tea plantation where I learned that black, green and white tea come from the same plant. Cool fun fact. We also saw rice farms which were cool and Cinnamon trees and saw them dry out the bark to make cinnamon.



There was a boat ride to a fish farm, was cool to see how everyone lived on Styrofoam block houses to float.


We had supper at the home-stay which was okay and played cards for the evening. Learned to play Euchre 🙂 then settled in for the evening after flooding my bed area with mosquito spray. Slept great before heading out the next day.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams!


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