Borobodur and Prambanan, Java’s temples. Oh, and hiked a volcano while I was there

Left the homestay and we were travelling for the next two days heading for Yogyakarta! Home of Borobudur and Prambanan! Got up early for the 8h train ride into Yogyakarta. The train was alright, a little long but it was nice to see the countryside of Indonesia, the rice patties and mountains. When we got into Yogya, we checked into the hotel and went out to eat at the place next to our hotel. The hotel was horrible, bugs and smelly bathroom. Like worst smelling than my room in Kalaw. Avoided it like the plague. Anyways the restaurant was really good, a place called Viavia, reasonably priced and perfect food. Nothing to be changed about it. Ended up eating there the next three days. That night we went to bed early for our sunrise tour the next day.

We rose for the sunrise tour. An expensive day 40$ for Bodobudur, they charge more for the sunrise ticket by 17$. But such a big part of the experience, to see the mist and the colors of the sky changing.


Borobudur was newly discovered and still being renovated by Unesco like Prambanan which was destroyed in an earthquake it’s like a giant Lego puzzle but it’s hard to match all the pieces. Prambanan I had only seen pictures had no idea what it was but very glad I went. Anyhow, waiting for the sun to come up at sun rise was perfect, all the colors that pop up before the sun is up is what I like, 5:00 am till 5:40 and then at 6:00 the sun comes up. Then when the sun started coming up I walked around to get a better glimpse of the temple, it was cool, lot’s of stupahs and Buddha’s inside the stupahs but they were more like cage stupahs instead of the ones in Myanmar with an opening it was interesting. Very cool either way. Seeing the fog around us far in the distance along with all the forest around us. You can also spot mount Merapi, it’s the mountain with the smoke coming out of it on the right. Gonna hike that later 🙂



A great site. Afterwards we left for Prambanan which was a hindu temple built in dedication to love for a woman, there are 237 temples if I remember correctly but they are still rebuilding most of it, a lot of stone rubble all around it.




Went back to sleep at the hotel after because, Patrick, Claire, Leigh Ann, sonya and I decided to climb mount Merapi that night at 1am for a sunrise view at the top of the volcano. Left at 10pm for our 2 hour drive to mount merapi, our bus had an accident on it’s way to pick us up so we ended up taking a cab. The cab got lost going up mountain paths in the middle of nowhere, turned out to be the eruption evacuation road we were taking up. Apparently the main road was closed and under construction. Anyhow we got to the mountain lodge at 12:30 to leave for 1:00 Am.



Met our guides and paid our 50$ for the hike and ride. It was so tough and exhausting on the way up. Not to mention my flashlight was dying out so visibility was a bit of an option but I stayed close enough to our lead guide to see from his a little. Leigh Ann and I ended up splitting from the group because we were a little faster. Luckily we had two guides so we could split up the group like that. It was interesting to see the change in environment from jungle to rocky jungle, to rocky facade and canyons to rock valley and eventually into sand and cliffs until the top of the volcano. It’s a mind over matter challenge. We made it in about 4 hours which was great. This was a test for me for Mt Rinjani in Lombok, and I’d say I passed with flying colors, could have kept going. Near the top, we were able to avoid the sand which is hell and take rocks to the top. And once at the top it was so cold had to double layer up again. It was a great feeling of accomplishment and one of the nicest sunrises I’ve ever seen.



Hung out there for a bit then we made our way back down. It was cool to see the same terrain but actually see what was going on because the sun was out. Same Same but different kind of thing. Really enjoyed both ways, however on the way down my knees really started to hurt, the constant pounding is bad on them. I’m going to need to get some poles for Rinjani or else I’m not going to do it. They relieve so much of the pain. Got to the bottom and was able to pass out on the ride back. Which took 3 hours, 1 hour longer than normal traffic was horrible we are in Java during one of the national holidays. Got back to the hotel and got an egg sandwich for protein and went straight to bed. Slept for about 4 hours and got up for supper which was tacos 🙂 A good amount of food and protein to help heal myself up. Slept again right after supper!

Left not too early in the morning packed up and had a crappy breakfast but ate enough so I wasn’t hungry for lunch. Kept going till we reached another mountain town where we went for supper, I had rabbit sate and oxtail soup. They were alright, Pho is better, missing Vietnamese food right meow. After we did an hour of yoga and called it a night since we were up early the next day.

Stay awesome and follow your dreams.



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