Another Volcano and onto Bali!

Hiked up mount Bromo the next day, just an easy little group touristy hike and saw cool lightning, constantly going off. I worked on it a while to get a shot of it. The volcano had erupted and inside you could see the crater remains, it was very cool, felt a little like Death Valley in the states. There was even a Hindu temple in the middle. Spent a day here and a sunrise then we headed to the Surf camp for 2 nights before Bali!!





Onward to Red Island, we showed up around 4pm and went for a walk on the red island beach, we were staying at a surf camp. Got to surf for the first time, which was amazing whenever you hit the wave and it carries you. Unbelievable feeling of being carried by nature and the power of the waves and the ocean. The falling however, hurts a lot and and get swarmed by the salt water inside the nose and mouth even when you shut everything :P. Went out for about 4-5 hours through the day and my back and arms were ruined. The way you stand and paddle the waves. Takes a toll.



That night I spoke with Vero, a french Canadian who was working and travelling was nice to talk like home again. We took a ferry across to Bali the next day in which they played really loud techno music. It was very funny and the music video accompanying the music was very 80’s and trippy using the cheapest visual effects money can buy.



We then got to our resort which was very nice and had a tradiontal balinese dance that night in the celebration of Leigh-ann’s birthday. It was very cool and they had this 8-12 year old that dance a 10-15 minute routine, it was so cool, the discipline the kid had to perform the precise dance moves and for so long. A lot of practice. Had some pork ribs for supper which was very nice. Called it early enough as I wanted to write and rest up.


Relaxed in my room and watched some movies and wrote, it was nice until I decided to go check out a turtle hatchery which was awesome they were in little pools about 100 of them and they would keep them there for 3 months before releasing them into the wild. They also had some huge turtles that got trapped and weren’t going to be released into the wild just because they were too old to be accustomed apparently. And the cutest thing, all the baby turtles were trying to eat their own bubbles blowing out of their mouth after eating their bubbles.


Started off the day visiting one of the traditional Balinese temples which was cool, really love the architecture in Bali, very unique and detailed. Afterwards we kept going to Sanur where we checked into a nice hotel, went to McDonalds, oh boy was it good, had I missed it 😛 Mcflurry and fries and a big mac. Went for one last supper with the group and had some great seafood, a fettuccine Alfredo shrimp and seafood platter which I shared with Sandra and Melissa, the other two Canadians.

Later that night, Leigh-Ann, Claire and I left for the Sky Garden, Bali’s premiere night club where Protoculture was playing and we danced till 6 am. Amazing set and got my signature fist bump from the DJ which he seemed to appreciate more than me 🙂 I love the more intimate clubs. And The venue itself was great. LED band all around us and a nice LED wall with confetti attack as well.




Left for Ubud the morning after and walked around town with Leigh-ann, Nick, melissa and Sanda until we made our way to Bebek villa’s for some fried duck, bebek means duck in Indonesian. It was very good but basically fried chicken. Called it early and relaxed that night after looking for a tour for the next day but there were none going to Besakih temple. Oh well.

Walked around the next day, got a battery backup, 2 CD’s, a book and some snacks before I went to the Elephant temple with a motorbike. Had some sushi finally had been craving it and then went to a traditional Balinese fire dance which was very fun, they were telling a story of king rama and how the gods were involved in his war. The music is what killed it though with about 50-75 guys making different noises in Sync while the actors played off the scenes. The coolest sound was a Chaka Chaka chaka which everyone would do after this one guy would yell Chak in a sharp voice.

Very cool show. Glad I went.

Called it in after and got ready for my flight to Labuan Bajo the next day.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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  1. Cool! I wish I had climbed it


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