Purely Indonesia and Dragons!!!

Got to the airport pretty early 3 hours ahead, I couldn’t even check in but at least I got meet up with Anne before she got through security. They wouldn’t let me through with my hiking poles so I had to check them, which meant we needed to call back my back so I could attach the poles on the side. We then jumped on the plane to Labuan Bajo. I got there first and it was gorgeous, little airport. We then walked to our hotel and it was a nice walk very authentic and natural. A gorgeous port city. Called it a night after an amazing fresh red snapper meal street food supper.


Got picked up in the morning and brought to the boat. Made sure the fan in our room was working and it wasn’t. Thanks to Anne, we were able to convince them to get us a replacement. We headed out once it got there. We made Komodo on the first day and saw dragons immediately. They are all just hanging out near the rangers station.



I think they feed them, but they couldn’t be bothered, they are the top of the food chain on the island and they know it. It was very cool seeing them finally all in “nature” the only place on earth where they live. Weird place. Komodo was kind of a deserted island very dry and we got to see a cool viewpoint.



We headed to Rinca after, the other Komodo Dragon Island, entering it we had a very Jurassic park feel to it. Isolated, jungle-y and mysterious.



We walked around and the ranger told us that Komodo dragons have 2 penis’. Made a couple jokes with the guide after that. They mate once per year for 8 hours. After that we went to our parking spot for the night. Where we got bombarded by salesman and I caved and bought a Komodo dragon magnet. There was also giant bats flying nearby, also called flying foxes. It was very cool. They kept flying out of the cave for a couple hours, it was time to feed.


Woke up in the morning, we ended up sleeping on the deck, the room was too hot. It was a good night sleep. Our first stop was pink beach which actually has a pink glow to it. Very cool. There was so many waves pushing us away it was quite tiring. Ended up collecting seashells, losing my mask about 10 meters deep and seeing a sea turtle 🙂 A cool experience. Luckily Smeegle was able to get the mask for me, quite easily. I got close but not close enough. We left for Manta point after and we stayed for about 3 hours till we eventually found one, I saw it for 5 seconds, they just glide through the water and so fast. It was very cool. We stopped at an island after where there was a little hill to climb and at the top you had an amazing view of fresh and sea water.




Was a gorgeous view. After a good amount of time on the boat we stopped at an island with a jungle path into an nice little waterfall haven. Played around there for a little bit, there was this seemingly endless pit of water that people jumped in from the top of a tree, i just used the swing into it. Was a good time. Saw a bunch of crabs there too.



Left after about an hour and on our way out boating out, we saw this volcano island, some of the nicest shots and picturesque times I’ve ever seen.



Deserted island day, we stopped at a snorkel spot today on a little deserted island. It was cool to just chill here. We then got to the shore where we got in a van where they crammed 20 westerners in 20 Asian spots for 2 hours. The breaks were clutch, every time. When we got to the dock on the other side of Lombok we boarded a boat to Gili air, after we chose to opt out of rinjani, for my knees and so we could do the Gilis and more Bali. The Gilis I heard were a must. So we went there and walked around till we found a place to stay on the south side of the island, where we could see sunsets and as it turned out this was where the famous Gili swings were.




We went for another fresh seafood lunch, man can’t stay away from those fresh fish, taste so good and tender. We walked around the beach and tried the water, the water near us was filled with coral, horrible for swimming it hurt so much but you could walk out really far we tried but the stabbings were too much. We started picking up seashells and saw little crabs everywhere, it was soo cool. I freaked out a little bit.


The trip is almost done only one week left at this point! Couldn’t be happier to be ending it how I have been so far.


Stay Awesome and follow your dreams.


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