Leaving Indonesia, almost home.

We woke up and went for a walk to figure out what we were doing for the next couple days, booked a snorkel trip. Had fresh calamari for lunch it was alright. We walked around the island after to see the local sites.


Took about 2 hours because we couldn’t stop picking up seashells. There were so many nice ones.


After, we napped for a little bit before another fresh seafood supper. That night our “resort” was having a party, so we had a bit of wine and enjoyed the good music.

The next morning, we went to our boat for snorkeling. It was a glass bottomed boat, so we got to see the bottom of the ocean while we cruised around. Our guides were able to spot a lot of turtles hiding around and pop them out so we could see them swimming around. I love turtles, was nice to have all these close intimate encounters with them. Eventually made our way to Gili mino which is the smallest Gili island and they had the most unbelievable snorkeling I had ever seen. Blue coral but out of this world blue coral, a light blue, dark blue and turquoise blue color. I finally loved snorkeling. I wished at that point that I had my underwater camera, this was like no other moment in my underwater career. We got back to Gili air in time to make the 35k ferry to Gili T. It was a nice ride across and once there we rented bikes from our tree house resort and went to the market area where we found a night market with fresh seafood again, couldn’t resist. Tried the jack fish this time, it wasn’t as good as the red snapper or the white snapper. The red Snapper was by far the better fish. The only annoying part was all of the bones in the fish but it was worth it. Watched the sunset and went to bed shortly after biking around the island a little bit.




Decided to leave on the early boat as we didn’t find Gili T very appealing, more of a party scene island. On the speed boat for Bali at 11:30 am and it was a 3 hour ride. It was cool to approach the island and see mount Batur. We arrived at Padang Bai. It was like Labuan Bajo, a little cute port town on mountainside. We rented a motorbike for the next two days to drive around. We started off by heading up the coast towards the east just for a scenic little drive, saw a lot of monkeys on the way and we eventually got to the water temple about 1.5 hours away.


However, on the way there, there was a cop on the side of the road at a red light, he waved me in and I went. He asked where we were going, who’s motorbike that was and for my international driver’s license. For those of you who also don’t know that it’s a thing, the international driver’s license is something that requires no testing or skills but requires you to pay 35$ to obtain. It’s a trap! Until you need it that is. I didn’t have it and the cop told me it was a 1 million Rupiah fine (100$CAD). He made me go take out the cash from the ATM and put it in his boot. I told him I had no idea what the license was until now and asked him how would I drive home at this point. He said don’t worry about it. If another cop pulls you over and tries to give you a ticket tell him that you already paid the fine. It’s good for 24 hours. Ya okay, I just bribed a cop for the first time. Shady law enforcement. After visiting the temple, which was really cool, we went back to town and I looked up the fine, he was correct on the price but they are supposed to write and official ticket. He just pocketed the cash… I didn’t let it phase me, luckily Anne had her International driver’s license so she’d be driving the next day as we do the temple run.


Left early enough in the morning for Besakih, it was a glorious drive up the hills through Bali, got some beautiful views. We finally got to Besakih and it was a nightmare, we were hunted off because I didn’t have a sarong, which wasn’t needed and I had that confirmed by other locals nearby. They hunted us down to buy “fake tickets” and/or a “tour” no official place for it. Just local guys pestering you and ruining the whole experience. So just ended up leaving and driving into Ubud to try that really good restaurant I had the melon salad at. I had the trifecta platter this time, which was beef rendang, chicken Satay and Tempura shrimp with a side of rice and Indonesian salad. Which were great. We drove back to Padang Bai and had a nice seafood supper again.
The next day, we took a taxi to Canggu, the surfers paradise of Bali. When we got there, we found a guesthouse near the beach and scoped out the area for food, you guessed it. Seafood dinner again went for the snapper for my last meal in Bali. I want to try the chain taco place for lunch the next day. We also checked out Tanah lot, one of the famous Bali temples for sunset. There was a lot of people but the temple was pretty cool because you could only access it when it was low tide, the path would be covered at high tide.




Decided to have a couple drinks at one of the restaurants overlooking the temple and nearby there was bat and weasel just walking/hanging around, very cool and scary, the bat stared at me and I got scared. This was right before going to bed too 😦  (Nudity included)



I went surfing that morning, or tried too. It was very rough and hard to make it out to the breaks and time the breaks, they kept moving around and I was still a beginner so I missed a lot of them. It was basically 2 hours of me swimming, trying to get to the right spot for a break, while getting flipped and tossed by the harshness of the waves. Met back up with Anne after and we went to the taco place, which was amazing, tried the Enchilada(Cheese sauce fajita) and burrito. After this, we left for Kuta. Where we checked out Kuta beach, one of the nicest beaches I had ever seen wish we would have had more time here but it was so packed with people that I didn’t mind. We had a coke and sprite and watched the sun go down until I had to leave to catch my plane to Singapore. Indonesia satisfied me like I had no idea it could.  The dream delivered.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.


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