Coming Home

It has been a while since my last post, there was a lot to write about and not a lot to write about at the same time. I was busy travelling at home.

When you come back from long distance travel, reality hits you and the main question I had was, how do you continue on after having lived a free life for so long. A life of doing whatever you felt like doing whenever you wanted. Coming back to the mundane day by day repetitiveness and medieval times, thank god!


It’s a little shocking. At least I wasn’t coming back to a job so I had time to settle back into how life is here. Funny thing is that I went into stores and tried to negotiate the price tag price down, habits die hard. But making your own food, researching different things on the internet, interacting with purely locals instead of a mix of everyone. Having a smaller variety of conversation and interaction types is something that does eventually hit as well, keeps you hunting for more. But at the end of the day, every interaction is what you make of it. I have been a lot less scared to share and push what I believe in when faced with such challenges. I do believe in more now then I did before I left for the trip. It’s a nice feeling to be able to effectively go somewhere with a goal and come back feeling closer to that goal. As vague or unspecific that goal may be.

Some realities still affect you and can bring you down. Life does that and it’s a normal part of life. The bigger your highs, the tougher your lows are. Travel is an addiction because it is a constant high, like drinking 4-5 cups of coffee every day, it’s keeping up a high. I did not drink coffee before travelling, I still don’t but sometimes it’s a nice little boost. Balance is key and finding a routine of ups and downs. You need both. What is a filet mignon if fast fry steak didn’t exist? Average.

What’s next after travelling? How does the rest of your life compare to what you just did? Will you ever be able to top or come close to what you just did as a life experience? Nothing, it doesn’t and you won’t. Accepting that is part of coming home and you will always miss those days. It gets you thinking what can you do to even come close? My answer was to live at home like if I was travelling, it’s not the same but you can try. Go for the free shows, look at the cultural events going on around your area, yes, you might have to drive 6 hours, but you would do that if you were travelling too wouldn’t you? Find what you love, what makes you forget to eat and poop. That’s what you want to fill your life with. You can find anything you find travelling at home, because at the end of the day, it’s simply a chemical reaction in your brain about something new.


There’s a lot going on everywhere, you just need to find it. What you love is out there.IMG_2072.JPG



Everyday is a new adventure waiting to be found, and you’re the main character of your own story. Get out there and do what makes you tick, the world won’t do it for you.


Stay awesome and follow your dreams.



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